Kerry C. Reed

Kerry C. Reed, a board member since March 2009


Kerry C. Reed began her Christian Science nurse’s training in 1983 at the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association and graduated in 1986. After serving as Superintendent in Philadelphia for a year in the late ’80’s, she returned to the CHBA to fill the role of Mother/Infant Care Supervisor until called to serve as Superintendent for three years.

Since then, Kerry has been in New Hampshire with husband, George (a Christian Science teacher and Committee on Publication for New Hampshire), raising daughter, Elodie, and several foster children, Christian Science nursing in all capacities (babies, camps, in-home, etc.), doing church work, teaching in a Montessori school, and taking care of a farm in Bow.

Her not-for-profit experience includes church board membership, setting up a community caregivers program and opening a home for Christian Scientists in Concord, NH. Kerry enjoys riding horses, hiking in the White Mountains, quilting, and writing.

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