Patricia Brugioni

Patricia Brugioni a Board member since July, 2012


Patricia L. Brugioni began nurses’ training at Fern Lodge in Castro Valley, CA in 2005, thinking she was getting a five day course on the basics of Christian Science nursing to help out fellow church members and her community. She was so inspired, that almost 12 years later she’s still working as a Christian Science nurse based in Chicago IL, where she lives with her husband Daniel and two cats, Dulcinea and Bell. She takes private duty Christian Science nursing calls both in her area and across the country both in homes and Christian science nursing facilities, as well as practice calls from the field. She loves Christian Science and sharing inspirations with fellow-travelers worldwide, whether in person or via online communities, and loves seeing how ideas unfold with all. She loves to write, read, take photos, sing, cook, travel, and she and her husband love anything outdoors, especially backpacking! She serves on the lecture and metaphysical committee at her church. She is always open to any opportunity for spiritual growth, and loves supporting the struggling heart and meeting the receptive thought in all through the ministry of Christian Science nursing!

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