2017 Conference Registration

The instructions for registering for the 2017 International Christian Science Nursing Conference (ICSNC) are as follows:

1.       Complete Conference Registration form. The conference fee is $300.
2.      Immediately following, you may complete a Housing Registration form (housing fees are listed below). The Conference Registration form carries information to the Housing Registration form so you will not need to enter your name, address etc. a second time.

3.      You will receive an email confirmation for each form you complete. Please print and save both emails.

If you do not complete your Housing Registration form immediately following the completion of your conference registration, you will need to use the information you received in your confirmation email. Click here to open the Housing Registration form and enter the “Locator Number” to complete your registration and be put in housing. CedarS Camps are up and running at this time. As a kindness to the CedarS staff, please put any special requests on the housing form instead of calling them directly.



Housing plans:

         • Plan A. $275 per person for SHARED cabin (assigned or request up to 5 room-mates) with dormitory style baths. Daily rate / extra days $75.

         • Plan B. $325 per person for SHARED (assigned or request 2-3 room-mates) a/c room with private bath. Daily rate / extra days $90.

         • Plan C. $350 per person for SHARED (assigned or request one roommate) a/c room with private bath. Daily rate / extra days $110.

         • Plan D. $425 for PRIVATE a/c room with private bath. Daily rate NOT available. Limited availability.


Transportation (bus reservations made on housing form)

When considering how to get to CedarS Camps, options include:

  1. Driving directly to the camp
  2. Flying into the St. Louis (STL) airport and renting a car OR signing up for the free CedarS eXpress bus for the 3-hour trip to camp
  3. Flying into Springfield (SGF) airport and renting a car to drive about an hour to camp

IMPORTANT: In order to ride the CedarS eXpress, your flight MUST arrive in St. Louis before the bus departs at 2PM on Wednesday. Your flight out CANNOT leave before 2PM on Sunday.


Special Recreational Activities – Saturday afternoon

These activities are optional and a maximum of two may be chosen. You may sign up for these on the housing form.

$15 fee each:

  1. Bible Land zip line
  2. cable water sports
  3. horseback riding
  4.  pony cart driving.


Both forms must be completed prior to arrival.

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