2017 ICSNC Funding Sources for Christian Science Nurses


1) Albert Baker Fund
 (ABF) – Funding ONLY for Christian Science nurses advertising in the Christian Science Journal.

Click here to see directions from Albert Baker Fund for requesting an application for available funding to assist Christian Science nurses advertising in the Christian Science Journal with the conference fee. When applying to ABF it will be helpful to them if you include both our acronyms — CCNN ICSNC conference — on the application.


2) Christian Science Nursing Care Endowment (CSNCE) – Funds for Christian Science nurses living in Southern California.

Click here for directions from CSNCE for requesting/receiving funding from the Christian Science Nursing Care Endowment of Southern California. They provide funds for Christian Science nurses living and working in Southern California regardless of Christian Science Journal listing status.


3) Christian Science Nursing Network (CSNN)

Through fund raising efforts, CSNN has a modest amount of
funding for need based assistance with a preference to non-Journal-listed Christian Science nurses. Funds may be requested for: 1) CedarS Plan A Housing, 2) travel or 3) ICSNC fee.

 Receipt of any funding from CSNN is with the expectation that the recipient will be 1) housed in Plan A Housing at the CedarS Camps, 2) attend all sessions of the conference and 3) send a post-conference letter of gratitude to CSNN. Letters will have  identifying information removed. Applications must be postmarked by  JULY 24, 2017.

Click here for the online application form.

Click here for the PDF document application form.

Click here for the Word document application form for Christian Science nurses who wish to request benevolence for the 2017 International Christian Science Nursing Conference. This form is to be completed and submitted online.


4) Funds for Christian Science nurses outside the USA

Christian Science Trust in Great Britain – (per an email sent to CSNN) …I’m delighted to confirm that Trustees are in favour of listing Trust Brit as a possible resource for UK Christian Science nurses to apply to for attendance expenses. …


Pension Trust for Christian Science Nurses (Christian Science Nurses Fund) – offers assistance to Christian Science nurses from the UK for attendance at a Christian Science nursing conference, up to the value of £1,000 for costs after funding from Trust Brit


The Christian Science Trust in Canada – (per an email sent to CSNN) … Thank you for your message informing of the Christian Science nursing conference scheduled for next September. I appreciate your recognition of Trust Canada’s support for Canadian Christian Science nurses who may require financial assistance in attending this conference. Indeed, please do feel free to publicize Trust Canada’s willingness to receive applications in this regard.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Christian Science nursing. It is deeply and broadly appreciated…


The Christian Science Trust in Australia – (per an email sent to CSNN) …we’re sure that the Australian Christian Science nurses are aware of the usual sources of funding in our country for such conference travel.


Christian Science Trust in South Africa   We suggest you contact the organization directly by writing them at: The Christian Science Trust in the Republic of South Africa, 16 Steinmann Road, P O Box 2126, Wilropark 1724 Gauteng South Africa or call: 217 128 683.


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