Vision Now! Advertising Rates and Guidelines

Date of next issue of Vision Now!

  • Post-conference 2015

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Advertising in Vision Now!

Vision Now! is an e-newsletter published by and for Christian Science nurses. It offers timely information and practical, inspiring and enriching ideas which encourage and support the individual healing ministry of Christian Science nursing. Produced by the Christian Science Nursing Network (CSNN), it could be an important avenue for your company’s communication with Christian Science nurses in the field as our e-newsletter reaches around 550. Advertising in Vision Now! brings awareness of your organization’s service, activity and/or need to Christian Science nurses around the world.

Rates: We offer ads in 3 sizes. Ads are placed in the issue in the order they are received. All rates are subject to change. All ads must be prepaid by credit card on our website.

Ad Specifications: Ads are to be submitted via e-mail as an attachment. The attachment must be be a high-quality JPEG or PNG file (using RGB color model/space) (5o4 px wide) with the following height specifications:

Ad Size Rate Size Pixel Dimensions
Full Page $260 7″ wide x 9.5″ high 504 x 684 px (pixels)
Half Page $130 7″ wide x 4.75″ high 504 x 342 px (pixels)
Quarter Page $75 7″ wide x 2.375″ high 504 x 171 px (pixels)

Per Constant Contact, PNG files are clearer/crisper than JPEG if there is text and pictures. These are the same guidelines as required for Vision Now!

Advertising Guidelines: CSNN has sole discretion in the acceptance of advertising and has the right to refuse any advertising/advertiser at its discretion.

Ads are placed in Vision Now! on a first come first served basis. The advertiser whose payment and properly formatted ad is received first will be placed first after the articles; the advertiser whose payment and properly formatted ad is received second will be placed second after the articles, and so on.

All material in an ad must be the property of the advertiser and be true and correct. Advertising in this section does not express or imply any endorsement by Christian Science Nursing Network.

For additional information, contact us at 231-944-8630 or gro.k1427767056rowte1427767056nnsc@1427767056sdANV1427767056.