Beatrix von Meier-Ince

Beatrix von Meier-Ince, a board member since May 2021.


Beatrix von Meier-Ince, or Beatrix Ince for short, grew up in the Netherlands, went to college in England, then moved with her husband and little daughter to Germany. Pondering and praying how to make the most out of her newly discovered practice of Christian Science, she was led to abandon her career as a veterinarian and to become a Christian Science nurse instead. The way opened to move to the United States, where she attended the Tenacre School of Christian Science nursing. In 2019, she started working for the Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service of New Jersey, and now she is looking forward to moving with her family and two cats to Boston, MA.

Beatrix loves to read, cook, occasionally knit, and play golf with her husband. She has a flute hidden in a cupboard somewhere, which she’ll take out and play if you ask her to. She also loves to dig in and tend to the garden, rain or shine.

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