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  • Applications must be received by August 26, 2019. Please complete this form in its entirety. If you click out of this form it will not save your changes.

    Through fund raising efforts, CSNN has a modest amount of funding for need based assistance. Funds may be requested for: 1) CedarS Plan A Housing, 2) travel, or 3) ICSNC registration fee if not received through ABF.

    Receipt of any funding from CSNN comes with the requirement that the recipient will to be housed in Plan A Housing (cabins) at CedarS, attend all sessions of the conference and send a post-conference letter of gratitude to CSNN that may be shared anonymously with those donors who have provided these invaluable contributions.

    For questions about the conference, please contact Cindy Snowden via email at:

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  • (You may choose Plan A or Plan B housing. Those who select Plan B Housing will have to provide payment for the difference in cost. We can provide up to $300)
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