Debbie J. Stucker

deb stucker

Debbie J. Stucker, a board member since June 2016.


Debbie J. Stucker began Christian Science nurse’s training in 1977 at Wide Horizons in Colorado completing her studies at Arden Wood and Sunland Home, both in California, in 1980. She served as the Visiting Christian Science Nurse for the Dallas/Fort-Worth area and later as Assistant Director of Christian Science Nursing at The Leaves, also in that area.

Debbie enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom with 2 lovely children for 10 years, then resumed her ministry of Christian Science Nursing, primarily working in private duty settings all over the country for many years. Her focus now is helping to connect Christian Science nurses with people who desire the services of a Christian Science nurse, as well as training and mentoring people in the field where they live and work.

Debbie enjoys travel, reading, gardening, cooking, skiing and dancing.

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