Welcome to the our new website!

Over the years it has been our joy to support the individual and collective practice of Christian Science nurses across the world. When we began in 1994, over 17 years ago, we had no idea that we would keep growing to meet their ever changing needs. Today, to more clearly reflect who we are, we are delighted to announce that the Christian Science Nursing Communication Network will now be known as the Christian Science Nursing Network (CSNN).

In keeping with our new name, we have a new web site at www.csnnetwork.org which is live today! We invite you to take a look. While we are all transitioning, if you happen to type in our old web address you automatically will be redirected to our new one. Effortless! The Christian Science Nursing Network Board also has new e-mail addresses which we have listed on the Current Board page. As with the web site address, any mail to the old e-mail addresses will still reach us.

As we move toward the 2011 Conference year, look for more information on our website and through e-mails. We’ll be updating it on a regular basis and you’ll be able to keep abreast of the most current news!

The Christian Science Nursing Network Board

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